Reb3l Heart® is FULL | *next launch Jan 2020

Self Awareness
... for Nonconformists.



Experience salty truths, gritty dares, and freedom highs, delivered in a graphic 90+ video library, alongside a gang of fellow rebels.

Guided breathwork themed for trauma and transformation, Live TV Shows for volunteer coaching & a community where you can see + be seen… becoming a truly free think’er & a free be’er is – inevitable.

  Collect the wisdom from your wounds, make peace with your scars & let the past truly R.I.P.

  Cut the invisible strings of your bad habits, triggers and false identities so you can abandon negative patterns with ease.

  Inventory your personal beliefs, bond with your nonconformity, and create a lifestyle, habit rhythm & social circle that perfectly reflect your authentic, nonconformist self.

  Slay soul sucking things like false beliefs, unhealthy boundaries, self harm, numbing cycles, perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastination, toxic love bonds, body dysmorphia, insecurity, comparison, fear of judgement, feelings of unworthiness, control freaking, victim patterns, and so so so much more…

"Because the only box, trauma, label, identity or disorder
you’re stuck in … is the one you agree to stay in." – Salt

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Reb3ls Off The Record | $2,222/month

If groups aren't your jam
... then this is.


This private coaching experience gets you the entire 90+ Reb3l Heart® video collection of salty truths & graphic mags – plus a whole lot more. 

  Private weekly video coaching sessions ˙recordings provided
  Private cell for texting between sessions
  Exclusive REB3L merch
  Private mag + workbook reviews
  Private goal + progress tracking
  Private 911 Emerg Calls between sessions

… and much much more.

"Because you’re ready to admit to yourself that
everything is not fine, it does matter,
it is a big deal, and you do really care.

Because the reason you can’t be yourself,
is because you can’t even see yourself,
beneath the armour you built to protect yourself.

Because deep down you know, that the person who
needs to understand you the most – is YOU." – Salt

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Salt ED Freedom | $2,222/month

Eating Disorder Freedom
... lives here.


This private + fully customized eating disorder freedom coaching experience is nothing like you’ve ever experienced in traditional treatment. 

Salt ED Freedom is the anti-cookie-cutter approach, with beyond recovery standards, where brave, smart + unconventional women – claim unshakeable FREEDOM from an Eating Disorder on their own terms... forever.

Escape the wasteland + victim speak of recovery.
Awaken your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) + learn to trust it.
Design a customized vision of FREEDOM worth fighting for!
Deprogram your mind of toxic + disordered core beliefs.
End battles with body image + feelings of “not good enough”.
Silence perfectionism, anxiety, fear of failure + people pleasing.
Reset your metabolism + silence junk-food cravings.
Decipher your body’s messages + customize intuitive eating.
Get off the relapse recovery roller-coaster.
Stop self-sabotaging patterns before they start.
Reinvent who you are and what you stand for on your own terms.
Be a role model, be the change, be inspo for others.

This experience includes:

  Private weekly video sessions *Recordings provided
  Private cell for texting between sessions
  Private workbook + journal reviews
  Private goal + progress tracking
  Private 911 Emerg Calls between sessions
… and much much more.

Download the Salt ED Freedom graphic mag for more details.

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