... and neither are the moments that built you.

Everything you BELIEVE, and everything you've BECOME, makes perfect sense considering  everything you've BEEN THROUGHBUT...

... are you truly being who you were created to be?

Your trauma, triggers, patterns, masks + labels,  built the soul armour you once needed to survive






... I’m here to help you figure yourself out.

To find out who you really are and what you really want, so you can be who you were really created to be – and not who the world told you that you "should" be.

So you can stop spinning in toxic patterns, putting yourself in danger, or letting people hurt you.

So you can step out of the darkness of your past, and let go of the layers of soul armour that you built to outlast the pain of being you.

So you can heal the traumas you’ve survived, and shed the identities that keep taking you down from the inside.

"This means summoning the courage to step into the ring with a supernatural force of nature – yourself."


who is Salt?

It's time to unlock your spirit, break out of your boxes, and shed your patterns of the past.


It's where the wild ones untether their soul from a world who tried to control them. Where the rare breeds  go to hear their soul speak.

is this for me?


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Create the space you need to figure yourself out.